Reservoir's Cognac Cask Experience - Now Available!

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This product is available for curbside purchase/pickup and shipping only within Virginia. Six bottle limit per month, per customer. For curbside service, please come to the distillery's roller door entrance. 

At last, we're thrilled to announce the return of our magnificent collaboration between Reservoir Distillery and the renowned French cognac maker, François Voyer.

For Reservoir’s Cask Experience, we selected whiskeys from our warehouse that married with the flavors of the cognac. François Voyer sent a 100-gallon Limousin barrel previously holding a 2016 cognac which was filled with Reservoir fully matured wheated rye whiskey. It then spent nearly 12 additional months in the cask acquiring subtle and sophisticated cognac notes until it was ready to be bottled.

The result is an incredibly delicate whiskey with hints of peach cobbler, candied ginger, brown sugar, orange zest, and some mango clove on the nose. On the palate, you may taste black currant, gummy bears, some classic rye baking spices, and a bright pop of citrus. Notice the very Cognac-finish forward juicy mouthfeel.

The finish rounds out with a balanced mix of graham cracker, light cinnamon, and Medjool dates as the rye bread lingers.