Reservoir Hazmat Wheated Bourbon

$ 149.99
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This product is available for curbside purchase/pickup and shipping only within Virginia. Six bottle limit per month, per customer. For curbside service, please come to the distillery's roller door entrance.

We're excited to announce another blockbuster of a bourbon--this time we're hailing the arrival of our Wheated Bourbon Hazmat. 

At 142 proof, this bottling is a big blend of different barrel types and ages including a Spring 2016 ten-gallon bourbon Barrel Mill cask along with five and ten-gallon Fall 2018 bourbon barrels and five-gallon Gibbs wheat casks. 

Nose: Brown sugar oatmeal, candied almonds, toffee, apple butter, and a kick of allspice. 

Palate: Sugar cookies, black cherries, key lime, the deep notes of tobacco and cacao.

Finish: Oatmeal raisin cookies, luscious vanilla frosting, and the surprise of cherrywood smoke mixed with leather.

A taste of summer heat to come? You decide!