Grey Ghost Bottled in Bond Wheat

$ 124.99
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Reservoir’s Bottled in Bond Wheat has not only met the rigorous government requirements to be classified as BIB, but this spirit has surpassed our own meticulous and uncompromising levels of excellence.

With a mashbill of 100% wheat, aged for nearly 5 1/2 years in our one-of-a-kind alligator char 10-gallon casks, our newest Grey Ghost boasts a nose of peach, cantaloupe, and raspberry, revealing a body of warm honeyed sweet tea and spice, and finishes with floral and herbal tones teasing out warm holiday spices.

This heavenly whiskey invites you to sample and savor a bit of the past. We may not be able to transport your whole body to a less turbulent time, but we can certainly make that magically happen to your taste buds.