Distillery Release Only Bourbon

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This product is available for curbside purchase/pickup and shipping only within Virginia. Six bottle limit per month, per customer. For curbside service, please come to the distillery's roller door entrance. 


We’ve hunted through the warehouse and found three perfect small barrels:

· One 10-gallon wheat barrel nearly three years old

· One 5-gallon corn barrel at 2 ½ years old

· One 10-gallon rye barrel, also nearly three years old

At 65% corn, 25% wheat, and 10% rye, we’ve swirled together a sumptuous blend—a luscious bourbon that is “Distillery Release Only.”

This means, as we have less than 30  375ml bottles for sale, that snagging one of these beauties will happen either at Reservoir’s distillery itself, or online through our Virginia-only bottle shop.