Grey Ghost 5yr BIB

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As we work to craft exceptional flavors to bottle in the future, we here at Reservoir also get especially excited to peek into the past. Releasing a BIB whiskey is a noteworthy milestone for many distilleries. To fulfill the regulation requirements, you must be made by one distiller, at one distillery, during one season, proofed at 100, and aged for no less than four years in a bonded warehouse.

And we’ve made that happen, once again.

Our Grey Ghost BIB whiskey is crafted from 100% locally grown Virginia rye and has been aging in 5-gallon Gibb casks since February of 2018—maturing for over five years. With unparalleled attention to detail from farm to “finally in your glass,” we think you’ll agree, this spirit was worth waiting for.


Nose: Notes of crisp granny smith apple mixed with the pungent spices of orange zest, clove, juniper, and white pepper.

Palate: The apple and citrus peel shine through while the medium body carries in star anise as well.

Finish: The apple peel remains, accompanied by a touch of burnt caramel and barrel char. A long finish mellowing to dark sugared notes topping the remaining fruit and spice.

This product is available for purchase in our tasting room at 1800 A Summit Ave, and online for pickup or shipping (ONLY within Virginia). Six bottle limit per month, per customer. Tasting room is open Wednesday - Saturday, 1pm - 9pm, and Sunday-Monday, 1pm - 5pm.